IMG_8114-1Hello friends!

I’m the founder and owner of Pediatric Behavior Solutions where we sell a variety of visual tools to help young children be successful at home. I’m also a speech-language pathologist/ behavior problem solver ➡️ turned mom and I started this blog to create a space to gather and share ideas on how to turn the “terrible 2’s and 3’s” into the fun trainable years for our children of all ages.

You can expect:
〰 tips & tricks
〰 reviews
〰 recipe ideas

from both myself and you!

Have ideas that work for you?!  Email them to me with a picture or video ➡️ mytoddlertips@gmail.com.


Visual Schedules


Interested in visual schedules and how they can help your family? Check out http://www.yourpbs.com to learn more!



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** Any speech or behavior advice is not to be taken as a treatment plan, always consult a speech-pathologist in your area so you can get tailored tips and treatment.