Picture Schedules

I don’t know about you, but in times like these I like having a (loose) schedule to give myself and my family a small sense of normalcy. If you don’t have the time or materials to make a picture schedule we offer them in our shop at YOURPBS.COM. And right now we’re offering free shipping! … More Picture Schedules

Visual Schedules: Now Available & What They Are

Have you heard of visual schedules? If your child is in special education you might have, but chances are most people don’t know how awesome they are for children and people with or without a diagnosis!   Visual schedules use pictures to show children (or individuals who can’t read) the all the activities they’ll do … More Visual Schedules: Now Available & What They Are

Upside Down October!

It’s one of my favorite months of the year! And it’s not because of all things fall, it’s Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21 Awareness month!! My social media feeds light up with beautiful strong brave faces of children and adults who are doing amazing things! My family is eternally blessed by having several friends with … More Upside Down October!

Calming Down

Have you noticed that telling/demanding your child to “calm down” doesn’t really work? Shoot- if I was the one who was all worked up, I wouldn’t like it if someone yelled “CALM DOWN” at me!     So instead, breathing deeply, an established and widely accepted method to calm down, works but that doesn’t sound … More Calming Down