Calming Down

Have you noticed that telling/demanding your child to “calm down” doesn’t really work? Shoot- if I was the one who was all worked up, I wouldn’t like it if someone yelled “CALM DOWN” at me!     So instead, breathing deeply, an established and widely accepted method to calm down, works but that doesn’t sound … More Calming Down

Hands Down- #1 Podcast That Has Shaped My Parenting

Do you listen to the Mom Struggling Well podcast?! If not…. YOU NEED TO! And this episode is the one that has had the GREATEST impact on my parenting because Jim & Lynne give ACTUAL SPECIFIC advice on how to handle realistic situations that translate to other parenting areas you experience. This podcast episode helped … More Hands Down- #1 Podcast That Has Shaped My Parenting

Afraid of Storms?

Anyone’s kids afraid of ⛈thunderstorms? 🙋 This book has been a turning point for us!   The end of the book talks about how ONLY God can tell the wind and the waves what to do, and Jesus just did those things, so he must be God! When my little one starts to be afraid … More Afraid of Storms?

Visual Schedules

Soon many of our kids will be starting school/daycare for the first time, or going to a new school/ daycare, having a new schedule, or have upcoming travel for the holiday season and a visual schedule can help calm anxieties and give them clear expectations for with their day/week will look like. This can be … More Visual Schedules