Helps with the “How much longer?”

“How much longer do we have to wait” …. “Are we there YET?” ….”2 more minutes and then you need to clean up”….. Sound Familiar?

My friends, meet the free Children’s Countdown Timer!
It’ll help with all the above scenarios and more. app pic

Kids, while cute as they can be 🙂 , haven’t developed a sense of time yet, and that’s where this app comes in handy.

It’s great because they can watch the the colored circle disappear so they can SEE how much longer they’ll have.


This app is perfect for:
– showing how much longer they can play b4: picking up toys, having to leave the park…
– traveling
– waiting
– entertaining kids (select 10 seconds and watch how fast the circle goes by)


Let’s see the app in action!

First tap the “Gear” pictures to adjust a couple settings. – Trust me!





In Settings, you’ll want to:
– Turn ON “Child Mode” so your kid won’t stop the timer
– Turn OFF “Slowly Reveal Picture”
*My little one loves to watch the circle disappear to see what picture will pop up. If you don’t do this, they’ll slowly see the picture and the timer will loose its excitement
– Turn “Picture to Reveal” to RANDOM so it’ll be a game to see what picture pops up when the timer goes off


Choose your time amount and watch the circle change



Whoa…the timer’s about to go off, what picture will pop up?!



Timer’s done, and it’s Fishies!!



Sometimes my little one will ask if she can play with this app while
we’re grocery shopping or waiting at a doctors office.


Let me know what you think!







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