Water Wow

Add these to your list! These are seriously some of my all time favorite on the go activities! Water Wow books are: ▪️Very Affordable ▪️REUSABLE (page dries back to white) ▪️Won’t stain (only need a smidge of water) ▪️DURABLE (we’ve had the alphabet one for over a year) ▪️Easily toss them in a diaper bag/ … More Water Wow

Busy Bags

These busy bags have been a liiiiiiife saver the past year and now’s the time to make yours because these pencil bags are in all the back-to-school supplies! I found mine at FiveBelow for $1 each. You’ll want ones that have 2 pockets with a see-through divider so each bag can hold 2 activities and … More Busy Bags