How I Organize Our Travel/ Busy Activities

This is by no means a glamorous picture, #real-life, but I wanted to show you how I keep my busy bags/ travel activities organized and ready to be thrown in my purse on our way out the door.


Why so many activities? You ask. The key to toddlers is novelty-ish. So rotating things around keeps them interested when you need it most!  #quietactivities  am I right?!



THESE ARE ONLY FOR OUT-AND-ABOUT PLAYING NOT FOR AROUND THE HOUSE——-otherwise you’re completely defeating the purpose of:  quiet … extended … independent entertained time.


Remember that time your kiddo got a new toy at Christmas and played with it for like 20 mins straight?! We’re piggy backing on that concept with these travel activities.

I got these boxes from Ikea a few years ago, and they fit perfectly on top of our shoe cabinet right by the back door, but any basket or shoe box could work. You do you gurl. 👊🏻

What are some activities/toys that your kids like on the go? .
Ps- I spy my busy bags, but post soon to come of the rest of the activities in the boxes. 🎉


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