Cool Off Your Car CRAZY Fast!!

I learned this trick when I was researching minivans (those close to me know how obsessed I was with wanting one), and since it’s still hot here, this trick is VERY handy.


You can use your unlock button to roll down all the windows (and sunroof) while you’re walking up to the car so your car goes from an OVEN to pretty comfortable.

Just click the unlock button- then click it again and hold until the windows roll all the way down.

*This works for Honda, some Nissan, Chevy (have to program it), and possibly others.  Just YouTube or Google “(your make & model) trick to roll down windows with key fob.”

Here’s a short video to see it in action or you can click the picture to the right from my Instagram to see it with my car.

*We have an older key fob, with our 2012 Odyssey, but this feature still works it as well as our ’08 Civic.

If you have a Honda, here’s another way to roll down/up your windows using your key.

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