5 Quiet Activities in 1?!

This activity has endless possibilities and is so easy! It’s cheap to make, is SUPER handy to throw in a purse/ bag last minute as you head out the door, and your kids will love it!


Each activity fits in a baggie and then they all store in the wipes case 🙂 Easy peasy.



You only need a few things to make it:


– a few sheets of felt (from a craft store or Wal-Mart)
– a hot glue gun/ glue sticks
wipes case
– sharp scissors or fabric scissors
– snack size Ziploc bags
– (optional) pen to lightly sketch outline of the shapes

*both the piece glued to the case and the pieces need to be made of felt so it will all stick together. (Think old-school flannel boards from Bible Class.)

I lightly sketched the shapes onto the felt and if I wasn’t sure how to draw an item, I googled “cartoon outline of ____” to help me draw it. Cut the objects out and glued some of the pieces together (black circles to the eyeballs, stripes on the cupcake bottoms & candle, wheels on the car, etc.)


If you’re thinking -“No way! Girl you don’t even know how bad my drawing is.”  Well you have a few options: 1) You can click on the button to the right (if you’re on a laptop) and follow my blog and I can email you a pattern for the pieces or 2) you can cut out your own pictures and trace them or 3) you can do simpler themes like a handful of shapes and your kid can make up their own scene (i.e. several rectangles, circles, squares, and triangles can be made into a train) or you can cut letters to spell their name, etc.

Before you finish, don’t forget to cut a rectangle of felt and hot glue the edges
to the top of your wipes case, and boom there you have it!


I give my little one one bag at a time so the felt pieces don’t get mixed up.  We’ve used ours on car trips, airplane rides, you name it! Just have fun with it!

I got the idea from here via Pinterest and just rolled with it. Let me know what themes you do or have come up with!  Send me your pics to mytoddlertips@gmail.com!


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