Water Wow

Add these to your list!
These are seriously some of my all time favorite on the go activities!


Water Wow books are:
▪️Very Affordable
▪️REUSABLE (page dries back to white)
▪️Won’t stain (only need a smidge of water)
▪️DURABLE (we’ve had the alphabet one for over a year)
▪️Easily toss them in a diaper bag/ purse/ kids bag
▪️Have numerous different themes (vehicles, pet store, ocean-you get the idea)
▪️You can buy them on Amazon or tons of other places that sell Melissa & Doug

In action

Here’s a video of it in action. Aren’t they so cool!

And here’s how I keep them organized and ready to throw in my bag
as I’m headed out the door.

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