Up Your Chicken Nugget Game

First I will begin by saying this idea was not my own, but completely one from my sister-in-law Related image

updated featured.png


Most of us have had frozen grocery store chicken nuggets and they’re…. ehhh, ok.


But my sister in law had the crazy idea to get the 20 or 50 pack of nuggets at McDonald’s, freeze them, and then pop a few in the microwave or oven to reheat for her kiddo’s meal…. genius!



Obviously we’ve already eaten a lot of our 50 nugget pack…



You could even stick them straight from the freezer into your child’s lunch and I bet the nuggets would be thawed by lunch time.

yumbox nugget


Now I know everyone has mixed feelings towards McDonald’s, so you could repeat this process with several 12 packs from Chick-fil-A or something similar at your favorite chicken establishment 🙂


Do you have a similar hack? Comment below or email it to mytoddlertips@gmail.com!

updated featured.png

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