Hands Down- #1 Podcast That Has Shaped My Parenting

Do you listen to the Mom Struggling Well podcast?! If not…. YOU NEED TO!

And this episode is the one that has had the GREATEST impact on my parenting because Jim & Lynne give ACTUAL SPECIFIC advice on how to handle realistic situations that translate to other parenting areas you experience.

podcast pic
This podcast episode helped me:
– to have specific things to say to support my little one’s behavior (they role-play several scenarios that are very helpful)
equipped me to be less of an angry mom (I’m a work in progress by God’s grace)
recognize and change the parenting lie/ mantra I was telling myself
– realize that my over-reactions to my little one’s disobedience were not teaching her how big her disobedience was but to be focused so much on my behavior that she couldn’t focus on hers

And I loved this Mom Struggling Well episode with Jim & Lynne so much, I immediately went on Amazon and bought their book, Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart: Building Faith Wisdom and Character In The Messes Of Daily Life

Here’s the link for their “12 Misbehaviors and the God Given Gifts Behind Them
that they mention on the episode.

12 Misbehaviors

This episode is GOLD! But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself 🙂



*How to Listen to a Podcast:
—–iPhone or Apple Device: Open your podcast app (it’s the above logo), click the “Search” button, type Mom Struggling Well, and find #55 and click the “Cloud/arrow” button to download it so you can listen to it when you’re off Wifi
—–Android Device
—–Click this link for the episode on Mom Struggling Well’s website and then click the play button


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