Reusable Sticker Books

Add these to your list too!   Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Sets are so much fun! Keep reading to see why.




Much like the Water Wow’s, Melissa & Doug’s Puffy Sticker books are:
▪️Very Affordable!
▪️DURABLE (we’ve had the farm one for 2 yrs)
▪️Encourage open-ended play + imagination 🙂
▪️Thin but tall so it can fit in (diaper bag/ purse/ kids bag/ travel bags)
▪️Have numerous different themes (farm, safari, pet shop, careers, pirate, princess, chipmunk house)
▪️You can buy them on Amazon or places that sell Melissa & Doug toys, we actually found our farm one at an ice cream shop in California, what?!

Ones I recommend for 2yrs+
chipmunk house

Ones I recommend for maybe 3.5-4yrs+
*the inside pages can rip semi-easily when you remove the stickers or some themes have a ton of small pieces that get lost easily- like the princess slippers…so many tiny slippers!
pet shop
dress up bundle



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