An Intro to Kids Liking Vegetables

Some kids naturally love to eat veggies and others need lots of practice… we needed (still need) lots of practice- don’t give up!

We love, absolutely LOVE these baby cucumbers and have contests to see who can make the LOUDEST CRUNCH when we eat a slice.  Pahaha!   Seriously…. this has helped my little one like cucumbers because it’s a fun game we do together to eat our veggies!



Cucumbers (especially these mini ones) are a great intro to liking veggies because:
– they have a mild refreshing taste
make a fun sound when you eat them
– you don’t notice the seeds (with these mini ones)
– are great plain, worked into sandwiches, or dipped in ranch
– and everything is cuter when it’s “mini” right?!


We eat some practically everyday. They’re a super easy snack to pack, quick addition to a lunch, or an easy crunchy side for dinner. Try it!

I get ours at our local HEB grocery store and I think Costco has them, but look for the purple bag in your produce section near the cucumbers/ zucchini/ pepper section.

Have any cucumber recipes that we all need to know about? Email them to!




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