My favorite App- Evah!

I rarely install apps, and even more rarely pay for them. But this app is practically priceless for me!


Why? You ask.

It’s a:
– Meal Planner
– Recipe organizer (think old-school recipe box but waaaay better)
– Grocery List generator

ALL  .  IN  . ONE!

I’ve tried a recipe binder, a recipe box, a spreadsheet, a word document and I would get frustrated at their limitations and quit by the next grocery trip.

Well, friends- I’m happy to report I’ve used this app DAILY for the past year and haven’t considered switching.

Meal Plan….. You are my app MVP!


Scroll through the following photos to see how the app works.



Main Screen Image result for arrow down emoji

1a- meal plan
When you open the app you’ll see your meal plan; here’s a recent one that I’ve filled out.  Clearly I wing it for breakfast and lunches since I have nothing planned 😉 




Starting a Meal Plan Image result for arrow down emoji

1b- Adding a meal

*All these are recipes I’ve put in as the weeks have gone on.
No pressure to put in all your recipes at the beginning.
Just do one week at a time.




Recipe Tab Image result for arrow down emoji

2- Recipe Categories

In this tab you can add a new recipe or search for recipes, like if
have a friend who eats gluten-free coming over,
you can search your recipes by that category.




Specific Recipe Image result for arrow down emoji

3- recipe with commentary
When you open up a recipe you’ve already added, it’ll look like the above.
If you’re adding a recipe, you can fill in as much or as little info as you want.




Grocery List Tab!!! Image result for arrow down emoji

4- grocery list pic

When you add a meal to your meal plan screen,
it automatically generates a grocery list on the grocery tab for you-
based on the grocery items/ ingredients you’ve specified for each recipe.


***THIS Image result for arrow up emoji IS MY FAVORITE PART because I just quickly look through my list WHILE also looking at my pantry/ fridge to see what ingredients I already have.

This has kept me from buying an extra bag of flour when I already have a full one, or helped me see I’m almost out of salt so I should leave it on the list.



Here’s the link to the app in the App Store.


How do you meal plan? Do you have a meal plan app you like? Email me at

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