Free Easter Countdown

In our house we aim to make Easter the biggest holiday we celebrate. This year we’re going all out and decorating the house with party decorations and who knows what else! But one thing we’re for sure doing is this free Lent countdown using the Jesus Storybook Bible. The countdown starts Wednesday, Feb. 26th! We … More Free Easter Countdown


  GIVEAWAY! Summer is the perfect time to add some structure, and we’d love to help! One winner will receive either two Routine sets (in colors of their choice) or $35 in store credit at YOURPBS.COM! Head over to our Instagram page to learn how to enter! Giveaway ends Friday, June 21st.       … More GIVEAWAY

Jewelry for a Cause

Our family has the sweet honor of being friends with beautiful Clara. Five years ago she was diagnosed with Cohen Syndrome. Each year in November her family holds a fundraiser to honor Clara’s diagnosis month (diagnosed in November 2013), raise money for CSA, and celebrate the special needs community. Due to the rarity of Cohen … More Jewelry for a Cause

Busy Bags

Busy bags, I’ve posted about them before, but since it was one of my first posts, I thought I would re-share since there are some new faces around here. Busy bags are a life savor! These are great when you’re out and about and need to keep your little one quiet and entertained PLUS now’s … More Busy Bags

Big Announcement!!

You may have thought I forgot about you all (that’s not possible!) but I’ve been a little busy with a trip with my hubby (10 yr anniv. to NYC), birthday parties, baby showers, and a side project that I can now share with you all! Last week I launched my business, Pediatric Behavior Solutions, WHAT?! … More Big Announcement!!