Traveling- Watch without Wifi

We all know that movies or shows can be a great back-up activity when you’re traveling with kids, so I have a few tips that I’ve learned to help you from spending an arm and a leg (i.e. buying everything off iTunes) and from using data.

Sorry if you already know these tips, but when I found out they were game-changers so I want to make sure everyone knows about them with holiday traveling coming up!

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Here’s the link for the child friendly headphones

1.) The cheapest is renting DVD’s from your library (if you already have a portable dvd player or one in your car- BUT don’t go out and buy one if you don’t).

Library cards are free and you’ll have access to all the ones either in your city or county. I’ve found that the next library over has a bigger movie selection so I’ll go there a couple days away from our trip to get several Dvd’s of movies or kid shows (like Daniel Tiger) that I know my little one will enjoy.

If you’re feeling really prepared, you can go online and reserve certain movies and the library will pull them for you so you just have to go pick them up.

2.) My Favorite….If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to their Prime video streaming…

which means you also have access to download them to your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire (and possibly other devices) and watch them for a period of time off wifi. Just get their “Amazon Prime Video” app, find the show you’d like to download, and tap the “arrow down” icon. It can take 5-10 mins to download depending on your internet speed, so you don’t want to save this for when you’re pulling out the driveway!



Keep scrolling for a list of all our favorite kid-approved, family-friendly shows

on both Amazon Prime and Netflix.


3.) There’s a similar process if you have Netflix …

Just get the “Netflix” app, find the show you’d like to download, and tap the “arrow down” icon. It can also take 5-10 mins to download depending on your internet speed, so you don’t want to save this for when you’re pulling out the driveway!



For both Prime Video and Netflix you’ll have an offline viewing period (usually about 48 hours) before it won’t be available on your device, but by that point we’re usually at a location that has wifi if we need to download another movie or show.



Our Family’s Favorite Movies & Shows



daniel tiger
Daniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodGreat for teaching social emotional and life skills like: sharing, potty training, saying you’re sorry, being a good friend, handling disappointment etc.- My absolute favorite all time ever!


peep 2

Peep and the Big Wide WorldAlso made by PBS, and is equally funny for kids and adults and scientifically educational (teaches about shadows, fog, sorting, etc.).  Narrated by Joan Cusack, you’ll want to add this to your list!


tumble 2

Tumble Leaf:
This is one that we recently discovered and you’re going to love it! It’s both educational and whimsical- I’m warning you, you’ll get hooked!



word world.PNG
Word World: Also by PBS; I looooove this show! In an entertaining way it teaches reading and literacy skills, like in one episode the letter “s” gets added to pizza to make pizzaS and then one pizza becomes a lot of pizzas. Seriously cute!


reading rainbow.PNG

Reading Rainbow
Oldie but a goodie! Exposes your kiddo to all sorts of books and topics as well as exposure to literacy and print skills.



family trip


Daniel Tiger Movie (Tiger Family Trip): Like a Daniel Tiger episode but lasts 51 minutes. Helps to teach about all that you’ll experience on a trip!








julies g2.PNG

Julie’s GreenroomThink Sesame Street but rather than teaching literacy skills, Julie’s greenroom teaches all about the arts and putting on a play.




super why
Super Why: Teaches pre-reading and spelling skills in a fun interactive way!




magic school bus


The Magic School BusAlso an oldie but a goodie, very educational about all things science. *Would also be good for an elementary student who is a visual learner and would better understand science processes by visually “experiencing” them.



Finding DoryNo explanation needed- so cute! Although your young ones might find the octopus a little scary though.






What are some of your family’s favorite shows?


Comment below or email to!









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