Free Easter Countdown

In our house we aim to make Easter the biggest holiday we celebrate. This year we’re going all out and decorating the house with party decorations and who knows what else! But one thing we’re for sure doing is this free Lent countdown using the Jesus Storybook Bible. The countdown starts Wednesday, Feb. 26th!

We have loved our Jesus Storybook Bible for years and HIGHLY recommend it for preschoolers through elementary children. Shoot I love it so I’m not sure if there’s an age limit!

80a- Lent Guide Graphic

A while ago I signed up on Sally Llyod-Jone’s website to get her emails and she recently sent one about her Free Lent Guide.

The Free Guide includes:


I’m always curious how other people make Easter a big deal in their house. I mean it should be the biggest holiday we celebrate right? What does your family do, or what are you planning to start this year?






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