Busy Bags

Busy bags, I’ve posted about them before, but since it was one of my first posts, I thought I would re-share since there are some new faces around here.

Busy bags are a life savor! These are great when you’re out and about and need to keep your little one quiet and entertained PLUS now’s the time of year to buy pencil bags since it’s back to school time!


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I found mine at FiveBelow last year for $1 each.

I try to find ones that have 2 pockets with a see-through divider so each bag can hold 2 activities and you can see them both at the same time to know what’s in each bag.


THIS IS KEY!!!  – KEEP THESE UP AND AWAY SO THEY’RE NEW AND FUN! My little one only gets to play with these activities when we’re out and about, not just hanging out at home. If they play with them all the time you won’t get the bang for your buck in occupied quiet time. 


Just slip them in your purse or child’s bag for several easy quiet activities for restaurants, doctor visits, plane trips, etc.


*ideas compiled from various Pinterest posts.


Now let’s see what’s in each of them!!

Bag #1

IMG_9632- cropped

Mesh section: Stickers (Walmart and Dollar stores have cheap stickers)

Main section: Small notepad 3×5 in. (Walmart or office supply) & colored pencils (won’t melt or stain clothes)



Bag #2


Mesh section: Button Snake

Main section: Color Wheel Matching (used colored sharpies, card stock paper, mini clothes pins (found them at a craft store) *helpful hint: if you color little squares of paper and then glue them to the clothes pin the color will show better) 



Bag #3


Mesh section: Small legos from dollar section at Target

Main section: Velcro Building Sticks (source link)colored popsicle sticks, velcro dots


Bag #4


Mesh section: Pipe cleaners (got mine at our grocery store) and we made ours into glasses, but you can keep remaking them into other things

Main section: 3d erasers



Occasionally I’ll switch stuff in and out of these pockets with small figurines, hot wheels cars, and whatever fun portable activities I find. 



What other things would you put in one of these busy bags? 










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