How To Recycle Old Crayola Markers

Many of us have dried up markers lying around and rather than add them to the landfill (since they can’t be collected in residential recycling), Crayola offers free shipping so you can send them in, and Crayola can recycle them.


instagram color cycle


Here’s all you have to do:

all steps


Easy peasy right?! Here’s the link to print a free label and how cool is it that you don’t even have to go to the post office, FedEx will pick them up from your school!


You might be thinking, gosh they’re just markers, what’s the big deal. Have you ever walked into a store, looked around, and thought about how most of what’s in there will likely end up in a landfill one day. As in when people are done with something it gets buried in the ground. If we throw a cup out the car window that’s considered littering, but if a truck takes it to a different place it’s considered ok. Let’s change that. It can’t happen over night but let’s at least start somewhere.

Rant over… for now 😉



Check out these other ways to reduce your trash:


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What are some ways your family/school likes to reduce trash?









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