Calming Down

Have you noticed that telling/demanding your child to “calm down” doesn’t really work? Shoot- if I was the one who was all worked up, I wouldn’t like it if someone yelled “CALM DOWN” at me!


test 3


So instead, breathing deeply, an established and widely accepted method to calm down, works but that doesn’t sound like much fun to a toddler or child, am I right?!



Two Quick Easy Strategies/Games To Calm Down

So that’s why I came up with these two similar strategies that use the concept of deep breathing and they always help my daughter to quickly calm down (whether she’s angry or hurt):







Teach the games when they’re calm, don’t introduce it in the heat of the moment!







These aren’t the only ways to help your child learn to calm down, but it’s a start.



What helps your child calm down?







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