Great On-The-Go Snack: Freeze-Dried Fruit

These have been a life-saver snack for us for several years! My little one started eating these when she was a baby and still eats them as a preschooler- shoot I eat them too!
fyi #notsponsored . . . As I was saying, I always have plenty on hand because they are so crazy easy to throw in a bag as your heading out the door, and they have simple ingredients…. just . the . fruit!

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Have you ever tried freeze-dried fruit? Here’s why they’re great:

▪️Very affordable!

▪️Healthy snack with whole ingredients (see nutrition label below)

▪️Allergy friendly (nut free, gluten free, dairy free, etc.)

▪️Small: Easily fits into purses or bags

▪️Great for teething babies (use your own discretion)

▪️Comes in: 🍎 🍓 🍌  🍑  & apple/cinnamon flavors

▪️They taste good! They’re not chewy like dried fruit, so they’re great as a snack or I use them as a crunchy salad topper

▪️You can buy them directly from Brothers All Natural’s website,  on Amazon, or various grocery stores-  **At our HEB, you’ll find them with the dried fruit/applesauce/ canned fruit






Check out the ingredients 😉




And HELLO ….. the ability to quickly grab a snack for your kiddo where the only ingredient is the fruit itself is pretty amazing!




What are some quick snacks your kids like? I’m always wanting new ideas because the goldfish rut is all too real.






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