Monday Motivation (Competition or Stewards?)

3.5.18) kids aren't competition- souls to steward- featured

Here’s the deal: I used to be an angry mom. I took every act of disobedience as a personal attack against me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still no where near perfect, but these days I’m a lot less stressed and offended.

I USED to think “If I don’t make a big deal of my toddler’s defiance they’re going to always be defiant, and before I know it she’ll be in juvie. I have to stop this bad behavior RIGHT NOW.” But ……..
Through the help of multiple resources (mainly Connected Families and Mom Struggling Well) I’ve learned that my over-reactions caused my kid to focus on MY behavior, NOT THEIRS.
I’m no where near perfect in staying calm, but I wanted to encourage all of us to reframe our thoughts. Not only for our kids’ sakes, but for ours as well!


Let’s not see our kids as competition but as souls to steward.

Souls that have been ENTRUSTED to us.

Souls that aren’t out to get us, BUT to be SHAPED… OVER TIME not overnight.

Give you, and your children, the gift of seeing parenthood as a fun challenging journey rather than a competition or battle where there’s a winner and a loser.
I highly recommend the book or audio book “Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart” by Jim & Lynne Jackson. They’ve given me the resources to lovingly hold my children accountable for their behavior without there being a shouting match.
So there’s my thought of the day and what’s helped me recently. What has helped you reframe your mindset towards your children?

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