Reusable Straws :) Easy, Durable, & Cheap!

Last year I was on a mission to reduce how much trash my family made. I was on the hunt for reusable products to replace single use items (like plastic straws), that’s when I came across these cute silicone straws.

We’ve had these over a year and love them!

You can find them on Amazon or I’ve recently seen them at Target and our local HEB.


*This is not a sponsored post, but purchases made through Amazon links are anonymous and help support this blog at no additional cost to you. 


The pack comes with three sizes: 5.75 in., 6.75 in., and 8 in.
We use them in all our cups, and they fit the lids from the “Take & Toss” cups.

*** although snap the lids on over the sink
because a little bit of drink will spurt out the top when you snap them on ***





Check this out!

Also one of the best things about these guys in the take & toss cups is they hardly leak, so I’m fine with my daughter drinking her water on the couch because if she knocks her drink over, very little– if any comes out! Holla!

We use them for everything from water to smoothies with no problems. To clean the straws after drinking smoothies, I’ll either just run water through them or use my straw brushes if needed.

Then I’ll pop them on the top rack in the dishwasher and once they’re clean- boom they’re ready to pop on for the next use.

See… easy peazy!




I use an old jelly jar on my drink shelf to store our extra straws and it’s worked well.




What are some reusable products your family like? We haven’t tried reusable silicone bags. Anyone have ones they recommend?



3 thoughts on “Reusable Straws :) Easy, Durable, & Cheap!

  1. We LOVE silicone straws! Those exact ones! Also have some stainless steel ones but not great for toddlers.

    I use silicone muffin liners for all sorts of things, especially packing lunches. And we have a lot of great reusable lunch and snack containers.

    Another favorite is our silicone baking mats!


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