My *FAVORITE* Type of Diaper Bag

My friends all know I love things that are simple, durable, handy, and keep me organized. So it was no surprise that I feel in love with the JuJuBe B.F.F. diaper bag (backpack); it’s truly lived up to its name. It was my best friend and MVP during the baby & toddler years I’m not ashamed to admit it!


I have ZERO REGRETS buying it (which rarely happens with me). And I plan to bring it back into my daily rotation when we foster to adopt a young sibling set later this year.

Everything about it was easy and intuitive and just what I wanted for organization on the go.

Two years ago I hadn’t seen anything like the B.F.F. in stores or online (it has a steep-for me- price point), but fast forward to now, and I’m seeing similar styles at varying price points and have actually bought several to review for you here!

Luuuuucky You 😉


You might be thinking…“Why not just use a backpack?”

Glad you asked.

I tried that and everything got lost at the bottom and I was constantly digging around to find what I was looking for….. I was fed up.

I had been through several diaper bags before landing on the B.F.F.

When my daughter was a newborn I bought $30 Carter’s backpack diaper bag and delt with it for 6ish months but it just didn’t hold enough gear, the changing pad was stored inside the bag and kept getting way to close to her burp cloths- YUCK!, the straps dug into my shoulders, and stuff (like my cell phone) fell out the side pockets when I bent over –no bueno! So I went on a hunt and landed on the B.F.F.

I did consider Petunia Picklebottoms, but didn’t like that most their backpack bags had a flap over the main compartment- making each open and close of the bag an extra pain. I also didn’t like that when you opened the main compartment it was a deep hole that I envisioned me digging around in constantly to find the one thing my toddler was begging for. I don’t have that kind of time when a tantrum is afoot!

Then after an embarrassing amount of online research for the perfect diaper bag (for me), I landed on the JuJuBe B.F.F.

Good news for you- since it’s debut, several cheaper look-a-likes are now available.
My reviews are further down the post.



So  here’s why I love this style of bag:


  • Backpack. Backpack. Backpack! I need a bag that doesn’t cause me stress. This one stays put whether I’m running after child, bending over to help them put on their shoes, or quickly reaching for their water bottle. It’s not sliding off my shoulder like a purse would and it’s not getting in my way when I walk like a messenger bag would
  • Changing pad is in an outside pocket on the back of the bag (not touching other stuff inside my bag-yuck!) + the pocket is big & handy enough for a small pack of wipes that are handy at a moments notice
  • Secure side pockets for easy access to keys, phone, sippy cup, or water bottle but things won’t dump out when you bend over
  • Large main compartment with pockets where I can see and access everything without having to dig around… and the angels sing hallelujah!
  • Mom pocket where my stuff can be separate (not a necessity, but I liked it)
  • All zippered pockets.  So no messenger bag flaps to get in my way of accessing my bag!
  • Top handle for easy carrying to and from car


First I’ll show you my JuJuBe Bff, and then I’ll show you other bags I’ve found that have similar features with differing prices & quality.


bag tour

JuJuBe Bff (Spoiler alert- My FAVORTIE)

Here’s the Amazon link or if you buy it through Bed Bath & Beyond– you can use one of their 20% off coupons for $30 off! Plus they have a ton of styles to choose from!

This bag was used daily for 2 years and still looks brand new. It has plenty of space for all the newborn gear and/or multiple kids!


– Durability
– Stylish (comes in toooons of different fabrics)
– Plenty of room
– Comfortable shoulder straps
– Light colored lining so its easy to see/find items
– Just the right size for gear with a newborn and/or multiple kids
– Machine washable
– Backpack or messenger style
– You can buy it from Bed Bath & Beyond (use one of their 20% off coupons), Target, Amazon


– Stroller straps are separate (but I just unhooked my backpack straps and re-clasped them and it functioned similar to stroller straps)
– Price (but you can order through Bed Bath & Beyond and use one of their coupons that you get in the mail or by text message and get $30+ off!

Check out that savings!

Image result for arrow down

Bed Bath Beyond Coupon discount JuJuBe


The padded adjustable straps are so comfy, and the back pocket holds an included changing pad and a thin pouch of wipes or if your kids are out of diapers, it can also fit an iPad.



Side pockets have elastic to make sure items such as bottles, phones, etc. stay secure 🙂




The Mom pocket has plenty of organization!




The middle pocket is fleece lined and fit my iPhone 6, 
but it was kinda snug, so I put my wallet in here instead and it worked great!




This picture doesn’t do the interior justice! The fabric is so pretty and the lighter color allows me to see everything while also hiding the evidence of doing life with kids  😉
(PS this bag is machine washable).


There’s 7 interior pockets + 2 plastic sleeves that help keep you organized use after use.

I wrote our emergency info (like pediatrician’s phone numbers and any allergy info) on a piece of paper and slipped it in one of the sleeves for easy reference or if something were to happen to me and first responders needed info for my child.


Side panels help your bag to open really wide without stuff spilling out the sides.



– – – – – – – –

2nd runner up:

AllCamp Zebra Backpack Diaper Bag 

This bag is a great alternative to the JuJuBe B.F.F., it’s on Amazon Prime, and has free returns (when this was posted).  It can be worn either as a backpack or messenger-style and is slightly bigger than the BFF.


– Lower price point
– Puhhhhlenty of space
– Lots of pockets
– Changing pad is thinner so can easily fit in any pocket in this bag
– Middle pocket is larger and likely to hold larger cell phones more easily

– One style
– Isn’t machine washable
– It still technically has a messenger flap (it’s magnetic) but bc it’s smaller I didn’t find it to get in the way too much
– Might be too big for some people
– “Leather” accents feel cheap and are likely to show wear or damage much sooner


Comfy adjustable straps that can be removed if you want to switch it to messenger style or hook them around your stroller for stroller straps.



Front “Mom” pocket with one large mesh pocket, and a clear zippered pocket.
Or it could be your go-to diaper area with the changing pad (folds and fits into , small wipes pack, and a diaper or two.


Middle pocket is deep (7.5 in. deep and just over 7.5 in wide) and fleece lined.
Perfect for your phone or other small device.



Check out the large interior! There’s 3 insulated bottle pockets inside, a mesh pocket large enough for extra diapers, 2 plastic pockets, two elastic pockets, and a zippered pocket.




Similar to the JuJuBe, side panels allow for bag to be fully open with nothing spilling out. And side pocket has a zipper for wipes or kleenex.



Other side pocket is large enough for a large water bottle.


Large back pocket can hold the changing pad, nursing cover, iPad, etc.



Side by side comparison with JuJuBe


3rd runner up:

Hip Cub Backpack Diaper Bag

This bag is another wonderful alternative to the JuJuBe B.f.f., it’s on Amazon Prime, and has free returns (when this was posted).  It can be worn either as a backpack or messenger-style and exterior feels close to luxury without the price (around 70% less than the JuJuBe).



– Stylish (comes in black or navy striped)
– Great alternative to the JuJuBe
– Durable Fabric
– Affordable
– Plenty of room
– Comfy shoulder straps like the JuJuBe
– Stroller straps included

– Interior fabric is dark (which can make it hard to find some items at times)
– Interior fabric and pockets don’t feel as sturdy as the JuJuBe
– Not sure how stain resistant the outer white stripes on the bag are



Large exterior pocket for changing pad, iPad, etc.




Mommy pocket is one large compartment, but can hold wallet & cell phone, etc.




Super deep middle pocket!




Great main compartment with multiple pockets!
I wished the interior fabric was lighter so kid items would
stand out and not get lost in the shadows.





– – – – – – – –

Lekebaby Convertible Backpack/ Messenger Bag

This bag is a decent alternative to the JuJuBe Bff. It’s on Amazon Prime, has free returns (when this was posted), and is aroun 80% less than the BFF.  It can be worn either as a backpack or messenger-style and has a toooon of room (it’s larger than the bff).






IMG_2710c     img_2715c1.jpg


The “mom” pocket has a couple of pockets, but only one zipper so it can be cumbersome to open, and the below picture shows the front pocket is large and water-proof.



Super large main compartment with lots of pockets!


– Stylish
– Wipe-able fabric
– Lots of room and pockets!
– Large pocket opens wide to access items

– Backpack straps were too long for me (even adjusted to the shortest length) so they hit me weird and weren’t comfortable (I’m 5’0”); they were also really wide and stiff
– Mom (or smaller front pocket) only has one zipper so it can be cumbersome to open
– Interior fabric feels thin and flimsy so durability is questionable
– It’s almost too big (at least for me) Lekebaby pictured on right





BananaFish Triple Go Diaper Bag

The BananaFish bag, from Walmart, has the lowest price point, at around $25-30 and fluctuates in availability, but I’m still posting it in case it’s in stock for you; it’s usually in stock at my local Walmart

– Stylish
– Wipe-able fabric
– Large pocket opens wide to access items
– 2 Side pockets for bottles, phone, etc.
– Lowest price point

– Low on stock (when this was posted)
– Smaller bag
– Only 3 interior pockets
– Small Mom pocket
– Interior fabric feels thin and flimsy so durability is questionable


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