Embracing A Small Pantry

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So I have a small pantry … big deal?! I used to sulk about it but now I’m embracing it through the help of Tracy Bowers at Organize Simply. Find her on Instagram (@organizewithtracy)

You might be wondering how this relates to toddlers, but …



Ok, back to it… Tracy did a pantry make over on a pantry similar to mine and I loved her ideas and thought they’d work great in my pantry.


**not an affiliate post- I’m just that happy about the results.

Here’s a Before & After for y’all!

1    2


Tracy’s big advice is to:

– get rid of packaging
– use stadium seating for your canned goods
– utilize clear bins or containers (so you can see everything and reduce your food waste=
which saves you money)
– only buy when that category is empty (ex: don’t buy that box of cereal that looks good       until your cereal container is almost empty).



Let’s take a closer look at the BEFORE . . .  oh dear . . . . . . . .

IMG_1464 zoomed

Problem areas: first-you can’t see anything! My spices on the door can’t stay level on their shelves, tupperware tubs are disheveled, and all my jars and cans are right in front of one another so you can’t see what’s in the back.


That was scary, now let’s get a better look at the after …


I’m happy to say that 2 months later and it still looks the same as the after pic!

I tried to using large tupperware containers for organization, and they helped—ish– but they were either too big or too small, and weren’t tall enough to keep items upright.



Top Shelf


I used medium stackable tubs for extra teas, hot chocolate, marshmallows, etc. and large items, like my cake decorating tool box 😉



#2 Shelf 


I used Flip Tite for my dry goods (think cereals, crackers, nuts, etc.), and got ones that could stack and still fit under the shelf: (33 oz, 61 oz, 91oz) Looks like it’s time for me to buy more nuts and cereal.
** PS- Flip Tites are cheaper at At Home than on Amazon!



#3 Shelf


I used 2 expandable shelves for my canned goods and jars (I keep our croutons, and items from our bulk bins like raisins and granola in old jelly jars or mason jars). Looks like it’s time to buy more granola and peanut butter filled pretzels 😉


#4 Shelf


I already had the basket for veggies, pasta box row, clear bin from target to use for fruit / bagels, and a shelf (that I already had) to store breads and bagels


#5 Shelf


I used clear Target bins for packages and pouches, another for granola bars, and a shelf (that I already had) for small box items like cake mixes and macaroni n’ cheese.





I bought 2 stackable teal dorm storage crates from Target (the bottom one holds our coffee maker and the top one is for bags of chips and popcorn), on the right are 2 stackable open shelf bins from At Home to store lunch boxes, casserole covers, misc. items, and then I have my bag of paper bags.


*each piece I bought is $12 or less!!


One last look at the AFTER 🙂



The whole project cost me around $150, which beforehand I would’ve said that’s crazy talk, but after failing at multiple solutions and wasting who knows how much money on food this has been so helpful!



Clear Bins
(2)  5.44 inches  x 4 inches  x 14.5 inches    for pouches & dried fruit packages
(1) 6.94 inches x 4 inches x 10.5 inches      for kid granola bars
(1) 6.94 inches x 4 inches x 14.5 inches   for fresh fruit or bagel bags
(1)  2.94 inches x 4 inches x 10.5 inches   Spice bin for Lara Bars on pantry door
(4)  4.44 inches x 4 inches x 10.5 inches   for spices on pantry door

(2) Expandable Shelves    for canned goods and jars
(2) Teal Storage Crates  for chip bags
(2) Sterlite Clear Tubs  for extra items 


(2 of each) 33 oz, 61 oz, 91oz   Flip Tites
(2) Stackable Open Shelf Bins



What are your tips on keeping your pantry under control?




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