Toddler School Lunch Ideas + Peanut-free options

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My mind goes blank every morning I’m packing my kiddo’s school lunch… anyone else? So I created some pretty and easy lists we can use to help us out of the sandwich rut and to provide some ideas for allergy friendly options.

-This is by no means exhaustive, but simply a launching point 🙂
– These would also make good meals/snacks if you’re traveling


* indicates recipes with links below the graphic


*For allergy friendly sub SunButter for peanut butter, or use gluten free items for wheat bread items
Sushi Sandwiches (by Weelicious)/ Turkey-cheese roll ups (flattened bread or tortillas with turkey, cheese, honey mustard, spinach, etc.)
Pancake sandwiches (make mini pancakes and spread cream cheese in the middle)
Vegetarian Bake Taquitos (by Weelicious)
Cream cheese sandwiches with either Banana or Cucumber
Turkey Cheese Crescent (use sliced cheese vs shredded) & dip in honey mustard
Mini lasagna cups– they’re so easy!
BowerPower Meatballs– Seriously so good!
– Here’s my post on an easy chicken nugget hack

Also, if your kiddo prefers their food warm (chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese, etc.) thermos containers will do just the trick!  Here’s a blue one, pink one, purple one, green one.  -Thanks Kayla for the tip!

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– Roasted Veggies- disks or “fries” (carrots, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, etc.)
– Here’s my post on one way to help your kids eat vegetables





Apple Donuts
Freeze-dried fruit




Baked donuts  (by Weelicious)
-Energy Balls (recipe below)


Energy Balls
(NO bake and YES to awesomely yummy)

1c dry oats
1/3 c flax meal (ground flax seeds)
1/2 milk chocolate chips;
MIX dry ingredients
Then add 1/2 c peanut butter (or sun butter- for allergy friendly)
1/3 c honey

Mix in peanut butter and honey, then use a cookie dough scoop to form mixture into balls and store them in a glass or plastic container

**warning 2 will fill you up and 3 will get the digestive system moving, consider yourself warned Image result for silly emoji



** My Favorite Lunchbox **

We’ve used the Yumbox Panino lunchbox for the past year and half and love it! It’s leak proof so the ranch or applesauce doesn’t leak to other compartments and is top-rack dishwasher safe! I don’t have to wash multiple containers and the dividers have helped me pack healthier lunches- win win!!

Here are links for all their colors:  dark pink , light pink ,  green , royal blue , empire blue,  and purple.

Also- I use standard silicone muffin liners (I’ve had mine for 10 yrs with no problems) to turn the main compartment, that can hold a typical sandwich, into sub-compartments. Mine were a gift but here’s a similar product.

*affiliate links help anonymously support this blog at no extra cost to you  😉


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What does your kiddo like in their lunch?

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