How To Get Your Kids to Stop Something

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I love me some Daniel Tiger, like if I had to choose only one show for my child to watch the rest of her developing life it would be Daniel Tiger, it gives them tools to be kind respectful children and later adults.

I love the Daniel Tiger jingle “It’s almost time to go, so choose one more thing to do…” (child does the activity they chose) … “That was fun but now we’re done.”

That one work wonders for sooooo many situations, except some… especially situations that don’t have obvious end times. It’s obvious to the child when sliding down a slide is done, or when reading a library book is done, but it’s complicated to use the song when your kid randomly picks up a toy in a store, is playing with playdoh, is swinging on a swing, or stirring a mixture while they’re helping you cook.



some activities dont have obvious end times



So that’s how the happy jingle:


came about.

Check out my instagram post to hear the tune (you don’t need Instagram to hear it).


I think I started singing it when I first had my daughter bake with me. We were stirring the batter, and singing the jingle helped establish obvious points to take turns stirring.

when i use it

I also use it when:
– She’s stolen my hat on a bad hair day (no one needs to see my gross hair in the middle of Target- am I right?)
– I’m teaching the 3 yr olds at church and they need to finish washing their hands
– Her time’s up with a toy and it’s time for her to share with a friend
– Any other time something needs to stop and I don’t want there to be a big whining session about it.

* * *

Side note, do you make up jingles to help your kids comply and follow through with things? . . . If you don’t I strongly suggest adding that tactic to your arsenal!

In short phrases just sing what they need to do. Use a familiar tune, like Twinkle Twinkle Litter Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb, or just make one up!


Other Ways To Help Your Child End An Activity

  • Timers- shows a clear ending and doesn’t make you the bad guy
  • Give clear expectations: “When the words pop up on your show we need to turn off the tv”
  • Make it a fun activity- “It’s time to clean up, let’s make our playdoh hop into the bucket like a bunny!”

Do you make up your own songs to help your kids comply or have other ideas to help your kids comply? I’d love to hear them!





2 thoughts on “How To Get Your Kids to Stop Something

  1. I love love love this. My daughter loves Daniel tiger and we sing the jingles all the time and this one we just watched today. Love this post. I’m going to try incorporating this into other things.


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