Safety . . . Loud and Proud on the Street

I’m appalled at how fast some people drive on residential roads, can I get an amen! I don’t know about you, but we like to spend our fair share of time outside, especially in the front yard & driveway, which makes me nervous when the cars come flying down our street!!

I saw a kids playing sign (like the green one on the right) in a neighborhood and liked how it caused me to be on high alert for stray soccer balls or kids to come flying into the street. So that’s when I got to searching the internet because we needed something like it.



We ended up buying the below yellow children playing sign (for $12 from our coupon) and have had it for almost 2 yrs I think. We’ve noticed a drastic difference on the affect it has on other drivers. Drivers that normally speed by our house, pass by slowly when the sign is in the street.

(ps- not sponsored- just happy to share the info)



We keep it handy in our garage so it’s easy to grab when the fun starts happening and just put a small piece of wood in the middle to anchor it down.


I liked this one because:

  • It can fold up and store easily
  • It’s light and uncumbersome
  • It’s $12 and I can use one of my Bed Bath & Beyond coupons!


What are your thoughts on these type of signs?


2 thoughts on “Safety . . . Loud and Proud on the Street

  1. We love our sign too!! And my mom uses one in her long driveway when our boys are playing to remind us all we need to take it slow during pick up.


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