Visual Schedules: Now Available & What They Are

Have you heard of visual schedules? If your child is in special education you might have, but chances are most people don’t know how awesome they are for children and people with or without a diagnosis!

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Visual schedules use pictures to show children (or individuals who can’t read) the all the activities they’ll do during a certain period of time.

Visual Schedules help with tantrums and anxiety while promoting independence and learning. 

And guess what?!! We have visual schedules available in our shop!


Our Visual Schedules

Wake-Up & Bedtime
Routine: These are two separate charts that walk your child through all the steps to get ready in the morning and ready for bed at night. Put the wake-up routine in the kitchen and then put the bedtime routine in the kids bathroom or bedroom.


Daily Schedule: This schedule walks your child through their day from beginning to end.

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Weekly Schedule: This schedule shows your child the rhythm of their week or any special events coming up like a trip or holiday.



More Fun Things!

All our pictures are double sided and can be flipped over to “check off” completed activities.



Our Daily & Weekly Schedules come with a Picture Caddy to keep extra pictures clean and organized!



Benefits of Our Schedules:

  • Child’s day/week becomes more predictable, which can ease anxiety, improve focus, and prevent some undesired behaviors
  • Makes abstract time concepts such as first, next, and last more concrete
  • With the ability to flip images over, children gain a greater sense for the progression of time during the week
  • Encourages children to independently accomplish their tasks
  • Reduces the need for multiple reminders
  • Easily encourage children to be involved in how their week is planned

Product Features:

  • Kid-friendly Velcro images (adapted and designed by a speech-language pathologist)
  • Clear Velcro on front/back of each image so child can flip over, signaling “completion”
  • Easily reset chart for the next week by flipping images back over
  • A “caddy” is included for storing any images not in use, keeping them organized and protected
  • Customizable
    • Place images in any order you choose
    • Use only the images you need, store others in the “caddy”
    • The “Blank” image is provided so you can create a custom activity/event if needed
  • Flexibility for unexpected changes
    • The “Different, but it’s OK” image is provided to help communicate unexpected schedule changes to your child
  • Plastic pouch included can be used to protect products while traveling
  • Charts come in a variety of colors


There’s More?!

a la carte 2

You’ll find 120+ A-La-Carte pieces on our website that include:
– holidays
– sports
– therapies
– seasonal activities
– all the caddy pictures
– and more!









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