How To Teach Your Child To Play & Imagine

tip_how to teach play and imagination


Did you know that when you introduce new toys to your child, you may have to show your child how to play with them? This can be true for kids with and without a diagnosis and also with games like tag, or even playground equipment.

First model how they should play with the toy(s) and then excitedly ask, do you want a turn? Then encourage and support their play!


1) SHOWS like Blippi on Amazon/YouTube are helpful to show how to play with toys or explore new places like a trampoline park or children’s museum. Another great show if you haven’t heard of it is Daniel Tiger (similar to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood)

teaching how to play_blippi videos


2) VISUAL PLAY SUPPORTS (picture choices that give your child ideas on how to play with toys) are especially great for open-ended toys like blocks, cars, play kitchens, dolls, etc. For $6 you can buy and download yours from BIAS Behavioral Interventions And Solutions!

tip_how to teach play and imagination- visual play supports


What ideas do you have on supporting your children’s  play and imagination skills?

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