Great snack!

These have been a life-saver snack for us for several years! My little one started eating these when she was a baby and still eats them as a preschooler- shoot I eat them too!

Have you ever tried freeze-dried fruit? The Brother’s brand is our favorite!


Why these are great:
▪️they taste good! not chewy like dried fruit, so they’re great as a snack or I use them as a crunchy salad topper
▪️very affordable!
▪️healthy snack with whole ingredients (see nutrition label below)
▪️allergy friendly (nut free, gluten free, dairy free, etc.)
▪️Small: Easily fits into purses or bags
▪️Comes in: 🍎 🍓 🍌  🍑  & apple/cinnamon flavors
▪️You can buy them directly from Brothers All Natural’s website,  on Amazon, or various grocery stores-  **At our HEB, you’ll find them with the dried fruit/applesauce/ canned fruit.

Check out the ingredients 😉



The apple, apple/cinnamon, and pear flavors would be best for a teething baby, I think they’ve discontinued the pineapple, but if it ever comes back it was a personal favorite! I found the peach to be kind of sour but have enjoyed the other flavors!

And HELLO ….. the ability to quickly grab a snack for your kiddo where the only ingredient is the fruit itself is pretty amazing!

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