“Sushi” Sandwiches?!

Are your kids tired of the same old sandwiches? I know I am haha! I came across this idea from Catherine from Weelicious, one of my favorite moms to follow on Instagram (@Weelicious), and these sandwich rolls are a staple in our house for lunches, picnics, zoo trips, road trips, etc.

If you don’t follow her already she’s got fabulous food ideas for kids (both on her website and her Instagram!

featured photo

– SUPER easy to make
– less messy to eat than a traditional sandwich
– have endless ingredient options (pbj, pb-honey, cream cheese & strawberries, ….)


How to make:

  1. (Optional) Use a pizza cutter to trim off crust
  2. Smash each piece of bread flat using your hand
    (my preferred lazy method, or use a large glass or rolling pin)
  3. Spread something yummy and add whatever you want -see list of ideas below
  4. Roll up starting from one of the long sides. Then slice into pieces if you want- we typically leave them as one log, again…the laziness

* One piece of bread makes 3-4 “sushi” pieces, so we typically do 2 pieces of bread per person

**Here’s a video of Catherine from Weelicious making the “sushi” sandwich rolls.


This is by no way an exhaustive list of all the ingredient possibilities! Have fun with it!



What pairs have you tried? Any that you think I should add to the list?

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