Bathtub Toy Storage

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Anyone out there get tired of picking up every last bath toy after your kid’s bath? There are plenty of bath toy scoopers and storage options but I didn’t want to pay $15-$30 for them.

So one day I noticed that a basket (from Dollar Tree that I used in my daughter’s play kitchen) would work perfectly. It could hold plenty of toys and had holes on the sides and bottom to allow water to drain, and I could hold it and scoop up all the toys before the water drained. Voila! It worked great! And has been for the past year or so.



I went to Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago and they still carry them, but I’m having trouble finding something similar online, so it’s best to check your local Dollar Tree. I also found something similar at Target, but there’s no holes in the bottom (although you could always drill or hammer your own holes).

Between the dollar stores, At Home, Target or Walmart, I can usually find any organizational bin or basket I need.

on a related note

I’m working on a post for art supply organization so if you have an ideas, take a picture of them and email them to!








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