Light Switch Helper

So your child is old enough to wash their own hands, and maybe use the restroom, that’s a big milestone in their, and your life- am I right?!

But now there’s a new situation . . . they can’t reach the lights so they don’t want to go in the bathroom.

Enter: The Light Switch Helper (Extender)

Instagram featured

You can buy them for any type light switch you have.

Here’s the Kid Switch from Amazon, they have single pack, or a triple pack.Capture.PNG

And here’s the triple pack from Amazon:



And here’s one for a rocker light switch:



There were some DIY ones I found on Pinterest but they involved fly swatters and I decided that didn’t really fit with our decor, but if you find any cute ideas let me know!


Don’t forget to send your ideas to!


Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the coming weeks!













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