My 2nd Favorite App Evah ;)


Is your mind going in 50 bazillion different directions right now?! Mine is and this app is a life-savor! My friend Micah showed this to me last spring, and I’ve used it everyday since.

Anything I need to remember goes in my Wunderlist app! I not only use it like a to-do list keeper, but also like a virtual post-it note pad/bulletin board. Keep reading and I’ll show you what I mean.


I like Wunderlist better than other to-do list apps I’ve used because I can create as many lists as I want. This helps because I can have a ton of tasks/items but they’re not all staring me in the face and stressing. me. out!! Can you relate?!


Here are some of my lists:
– General To-Do’s
– House Projects
– Thank You Notes to Write
– Stuff to return to stores
– Borrowed Stuff (either thing’s I’ve borrowed or borrowed from me)
– Date Night Ideas
– Restaurants
– Family Clothes I need to buy/ be on the look out for
– Packing lists
– Gifts

You can choose to add due dates if you want, or just have a basic list. Some of my tasks have due dates, like returning library books and others don’t, like my list of babysitters or date ideas.


Below is what part of my main screen looks like:



Folders, Sublists, Subtasks

You can also create folders (or main categories)….. why is that such a big deal you ask. It helps you keep things organized. For example, I have a folder for our Adoption adventure and have lists under that folder such as “People Praying,” “Adoption Resources,” and “Adoption To-Do’s.”

I also have a folder for “Restaurants,” and have sub lists titled “Tip” and then “No-Tip”  😉 because sometimes you need something quick and your mind blanks.

*** Since it’s Christmas time, you could do a folder for Gifts, and then sub-lists for each one of your children and then a sub-list for misc. people. (like teachers gifts, aunt/uncles, friends, etc.).

Check out the below pictures to see an example of a gift to-do list.

IMG_2606     IMG_2607     IMG_2600

The 1st picture is the main screen showing the Gifts folder add sub lists.
The 2nd picture is what you see after you select Misc. Ppl.
The 3rd picture is what you see after you select Secret Santa and you can add subtasks or multiple gifts in this case.


Due Date & Reminders

Each task/item you add, you have the option of setting a due date and a reminder. This is great because when the due date comes up for a certain task it will not only be in its original list but will also show up in the “Today” list.

Here’s a screenshot showing how to set a due date.



So below shows where you’ll find the lists for “Today” and “Week.”



The below picture is what my Today list looked like last Saturday.  I like that in both the Today and Week lists the items are separated according to its original list. Was that clear as mud? Good.

When you “check” something off it makes this cute ding sound that makes me feel so accomplished. It’s the little things right, haha!

Last Saturday was an intentionally slow day, but see how it’s nice not to see the 1,000,000,000 other things you have to do or want to remember for other days?!




What I also like is that the app has a website, so you login with the same info that you used to create an account with the app. Below is what my lists look like on the website.



And I know you can share your lists with others so you can both tackle a list (say dual party planning or parents using it for family gifts or a project at work).


Do you have a to-do list app that you love? Or what’s your method to the madness? Would love to hear what works for you! Send ideas to so I can feature you and help us all out!




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