PBJ Game Changer

This tip comes from one of our own, Jessica B., and I had to share!

She pre-makes a bunch of pbj’s and puts them in a plastic container in the freezer. Then, in the morning she’ll pull out a couple sandwiches for her sons and let them thaw on the counter so they’re ready for lunch.

Store in freezer & grab as needed

This  is great bc you could also use this idea for your kid’s school lunch, when you go to the zoo, when you travel on a road trip, or in a plane, you name it!

Since you’re freezing them right after you make them, the jelly shouldn’t make the bread soggy, but if you’re afraid of that, then do 2 thin layers of peanut butter on each side to keep the jelly from soaking through.


Have a tip of your own that we could all use?! Email it to mytoddlertips@gmail.com!

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