EasyPouch Case- No More Mess!

Today’s tip comes from my friend Julie. I wish I’d known about these when my daughter was little!!

Julie’s toddler had gotten to the stage where she wanted to feed herself but it often meant that her daughter squeezed the pouch too hard leaving her covered in pureed food. Oh dear… been there and it’s such a mess- especially in a car seat- yikes!

Julie figured there had to be something out there to prevent the mess and came across the EasyPouch. It’s a plastic case that closes around the food pouch so your toddler can’t squeeze it, but is still able to suck the food out. Less mess!!

It’s easy for adults to open and close, is top rack dishwasher safe, and has received good reviews on Amazon Prime. Now if your child is prone to throwing their pouches, this won’t prevent the food from coming out the spout, but I think this is a great solution to the “Old Faithful” pouch situation that happens all too often with our sweet toddlers!


Have something like this that has solved a problem for you?! Email it to mytoddlertips@gmail.com!


*Amazon purchases made through the link are anonymous and help support time spent on this blog at no extra cost to you.

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