Genius Tip (That Will Save You In The *Middle* Of The Night)

We’ve all been there, or if not it’ll probably happen to you eventually… the middle of the night child sheet change. Whether it’s a leaky diaper, sickness, or potty training, changing the sheets in the middle of the night is never fun.

Today’s tip comes from my friend Monique and it’s genius!

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Just layer your child’s waterproof mattress covers and sheets so all you have to do is strip the top layer off your child’s bed, put the blankets back on, and it’s ready for sleep right away!

We only have two waterproof mattress covers so I only do a double layer (mattress cover + sheet) but I say do as many layers as you want!

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Have any game-changer tips like this?
Email them to and I’ll give you the credit 🙂

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