Never Loose Your Phone/ Keys / Wallet Again!

I don’t know about you but the frustration of loosing my keys or my phone just once- is one time too many!

Last year my car keys were lovingly moved to a “safe” place by my toddler for several days and I could . not . find . them! Thankfully we had a spare set that we could use, and we did find the lost set a few days later (they ended up being in the garage under something) but that’s when I decided to finally pull the trigger and use a Tile.

IMG_2210- br cropped
Have you heard of it? It’s a tracker that connects to your phone via bluetooth and you can put on your key ring, backpack, bike, basically anything you want to track. (ps- They also have a slimmer style for your wallet.)



It connects to an app on your phone so that when you lose the item, you can “ring” your keys from your phone, or if you lose your phone but have your keys, you can push the Tile logo on your keys and it’ll ring your phone, even if it’s on silent. *hallelujah*



There’s also a map that you can view in the app to see where your item is.

Here’s a video to see the Tile in action.


My Tile has come in handy so many times. Have a game changer? Email it to so we can all benefit!  🙂



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