Superhero Pancakes (Veggies in Disguise!)



This is a crazy easy- yummy tasty way to get your kiddos to eat more veggies and they won’t even know it!

AND HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS– it’s not from scratch and you don’t have to cook the veggies before hand– yahoo! Just large chop the veggies into a blender and add almond milk and voila- you’ve got the liquid for your dry pancake mix!


We eat these pancakes mainly for dinner and then use them the next day in school lunches as a pancake cream cheese sandwich.

And you can use any most any veggie you want…….!

Canned Pumpkin



We call them Superhero Pancakes or Color Pancakes so my kiddo knows the color will be different and won’t protest a “different” looking pancake.


The carrot is my favorite with spinach or zucchini tied for second! Although you have to use extra cooking spray with the zucchini because they tend to stick.

for blog




Small Cast of Characters


This isn’t a precise recipe, so adjust it to your liking 🙂

– Pick One or More Veggie(s): 2 Peeled Carrots, or Handful Spinach, or Half Large Zucchini, or Handful Kale, or several spoonfuls of Canned Pumpkin
– Pancake Mix
– Almond Milk  (1cup for veggie blend, more to mix in later)
*food coloring (optional)
– Syrup or cream cheese

Need: Blender (any will work- I’ve used a basic Ninja blender and a Vitamix and both have worked- the Vitamix will liquify your veggies and your basic blender will leave little chunks but we didn’t notice them when eating the pancakes)

1. BLEND veggie & almond milk in blender
** CARROT, SPINACH, ZUCCHINI, KALE)* Can do one or multiple
2. POUR dry pancake mix into a bowl
3. POUR veggie/milk mixture into pancake mix and stir until combined, add more almond milk as needed
4. MAKE pancakes like you normally do
5. SMILE inside because your kid is willingly eating veggies


We like our pancakes thin so I’ll typically add more almond milk (gives the pancakes a richer flavor) until I get a notch before runny. If you accidentally add too much milk, either add more dry pancake mix or flour to get the consistency you want.



Have recipes that your kids love or shoot maybe even just like?

Send them over to because we’re all in this together!!






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