Simple DIY Lightning McQueen Town from an Old Box

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This tip comes from our very own Miranda and I just love it because who doesn’t have an extra cardboard box lying around?!

What I especially love about hers is that she copied the town from the movie Cars. I mean, how cute is her Cozy Cone Motel, Flo’s V8 Cafe, and race track at the end of the board?!

All you need is a box, scissors, and markers.

Keep reading for ways to work on your child’s fine motor and speech skills.




Ways to Work on Fine Motor & Speech Skills

  • Fine Motor- Have your kids to color in Lightning McQueen’s town! Maybe lay a sheet under the box to protect your carpet or have them color on a hard surface that easily wipeable; mix it up- use crayons, color pencils, markers to help them learn to color with differing widths
  • Fine Motor- When your kids move their cars as they pretend to drive them around their practicing grasping and other fine motor movements
  • Speech- Have them reenact and retell all or parts of the Cars movie using the board
  • Speech- You can work on your child understanding and using location words (prepositions) like: on, next to, beside, near, far, turn right, turn left, behind, in front, etc.
  • Speech: You can also work on descriptor words as you or your child describes the colors of the cars, how they’re coloring each building, how their car is driving: fast, slow, swirvy, etc.
  • Speech: If your child is learning to talk you can use phrases like “beep beep,” “here I come,” “watch out,” “vroom vroom,” etc.
  • Speech: To work on question words (like who, what, where) you could play “hide and seek” with the cars and say “Where’s the firetruck? …..: and have your child find the car and say “It’s at the motel!” or “It’s on the racetrack!”


And besides all the activities you can do, what’s great is you can easily fold this up flat and easily store it for the next play time 😉




Thanks Miranda for this fun and free activity!

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