Cotton Cup

Ever have one of those days where no toy will do and you’ve got to focus on making dinner but a MELT-DOWN is a BREWIN’?!

We’ve all been there and that’s what led my friend April to think of this super easy activity…. Quick! Find something around the house and make it fun- and that’s what she did!

And so I give you what April & her son lovingly call “Cotton Cup.”

*You could modify this activity for travel by having a ziploc bag of cotton balls inside a couple small plastic cups (think punch size for parties).


blog pic

– cotton balls (which are like $1)
– plastic cups
And voila! That’s all you need!


Her little guy has a “ball” -sorry couldn’t resist- dropping cotton balls in the various cups and pouring them back and forth.

IMG_2921 cropped small

April said it’s:
– always a hit
– cheap
– easy to clean up
– and uses items she already has on hand


Sounds like a win in my book and we can’t wait to try it!


Have fun ideas like this?! Share them at because we’re all in this together!







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