My Best Friend @ The Grocery Store

While this is not your traditional kid gear review, I have to share one of my favorite things that SAVES my SANITY at the grocery store -> which means grocery trips don’t last as long -> which means my kid can hold it together longer= saves my sanity 😉

I should also say this is not a sponsored post, I’ve been using these guys weekly for the past year and I looooove them like crazy!




Last year my goal was to buy more produce and make less trash. For years I used reusable grocery bags but hadn’t given a thought to reusable produces bags until I saw them in a store.

Now I don’t go to the store without them!


– open super easy in the store; draw string to quickly close them
– hold a ton of produce
– are machine washable
– reduce your plastic bag waste
– won’t rip open –I see you pointy sweet potatoes that used to always snag my plastic bag!
– cashiers can still easily see the codes for each item




I keep them in a separate bag up in my grocery cart so they’re easy to get to while shopping.


I haven’t had any rip or break on me, and they wash like a breeze.

Once I get home, the fruits and veggies go in their spots in the fridge or pantry and these bags go back into their storage bag (just another smaller canvas bag) and back in the car so they’re ready for their next grocery trip.


Have any tips or tricks?! Email them to!


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